Self Care Workshop

For Individuals & Organisations

The Self Care Workshop is designed to inform, empower and protect individuals from stress, overwhelm, compassion fatigue and burnout.

This workshop will:

  • Explore what self-care actually means and how we go about doing that.
  • Identify the interdependent ways that support working from a place of regulation and sustainability.
  • The workshop will assist individuals to incorporate a neurobiological framework to help them notice and track their own nervous system to ensure they are working within a window of presence and health.
  • The workshop will support individuals to explore boundaries and ways in which to support and protect themselves from vicarious trauma and burnout.
  • Look at Somatic strategies to support “bottom up” and top down regulation processes.
  • Conceptual Framework to successfully move through the cycles of activation and into states of agency, satisfaction and integration.

Many passionate, well-intentioned and highly skilled and intelligent individuals slowly and sadly burnout.

Many have lost hope, direction and agency especially in the face of COVID – 19.

This is not a reflection of their capacity or desire – but the result of not understanding how stress affects not just our minds but also our bodies.


All courses are conducted
on Melb. Aust Time Zone

AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time - Ends 4 April, 2021

AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time - Starts 3 Oct, 2021

Melbourne - Australia - Current Time

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Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the importance of prioritising self-care practices
  • Practical tools for maintaining healthy boundaries
  • The ability to orientate to the resources that support health, wellbeing and sustainability in the face of living and working with crisis, stress and overwhelm

The program is underpinned by a neuroscientific map being the Polyvagal Theory and incorporates a combination of Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt Therapy interventions.

Workshop will explore :

What is self care and how do we really do that? Our health and wellbeing is inter-dependant on internal and external factors. Participants will identify resources that support, nourish and sustain them and identify the very things that deplete and constrain them.

Our safety, health and wellbeing requires a psychobiological perspective. We will look at Stephen Porges latest neuroscientific framework and learn to map our innate physiological ways of responding and dealing with stress and overwhelm.

  • The autonomic nervous system will up-regulate and down-regulate arousal levels when dealing with adversity and stress
  • Signs and symptoms of when your body is signalling for help
  • Differentiating between states of being tired as opposed to collapsed.
  • Why connection, safety and curiosity are markers of wellbeing.
  • Triune Brain and how different areas manage different part of the regulatory system.

Empathy without boundaries is a risk to self and other:

  • Differentiate between states of joining, merging and avoiding
  • Past attachment patterns can be at play
  • Questionnaire on identifying attachment style
  • Karpamans Drama Triangle
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