Our Framework

Restoring Resilience is built on a Framework that comprises Relational Gestalt Theory, Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing (SE). The combination of these modalities proves potent in restoring resilience, agency, health and vitality in individuals, children, families, schools, organisations, health services and community.

Relational Gestalt Theory is an approach that focuses on cultivating and co-creating connection in relationships. Underpinning the Programs and Trainings is that equal emphasis is placed on self, other and the relationship and ultimately, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Polyvagal Theory emphasises how the autonomic nervous system (ANS ) plays a vital role in regulating our health, and behaviour. In times of stress, the ANS will move into protective and defensive responses constraining our capacity to stay in connection with ourself, the people around us and capacity to be present in the immediate moment within our environments . When stuck in stress states of fight, flight and freeze, conditions such as anxiety, depression and general dysregulation can occur. Polyvagal theory provides an essential map to restoring safety and trust via the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Somatic Experiencing (SE) provides a powerful trauma prevention and trauma resolution approach. It provides access to the ANS when stuck in protective and defensive responses of fight, flight and freeze. SE interventions support the release of stuck stress states, reseting the nervous system and restoring an individual’s capacity for connection, agency, health and wellbeing.


Phyllis Traficante and Anna Skolarikis are the Co-Founders of Restoring Resilience. They are Gestalt psychotherapists, Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioners/ SE Assistants to the trainings/SE Consult Providers and Clinical Supervisors.

Restoring Resilience emerged from a deep connection and alignment between Anna and Phyllis and desire to share their passion for healing individual stress, overwhelm and trauma in family, educational, organisational and collective settings. In 2016 they developed the Working with Kids workshop which evolved into the GROW program. The program consists of a unique trauma prevention and trauma resolutions framework, based in Gestalt, Polyvagal Theories and Somatic Experiencing.

The Restoring Resilience GROW Programs:

  • GROW Working with Children for Educators
  • GROW Working with Children for Therapists and Practitioners
  • GROW Parenting
  • GROW Your Organisation


The Evidence Based GROW Working with Children program, is one of the first trauma prevention and trauma resolution frameworks to have been translated and implemented in family, educational and organisational settings.


GROW - Working with Children for Educators, Therapists/Practitioners

The GROW Program imparts the theory, knowledge and interventions used in therapy when faced with stress, adversity and trauma. Anna and Phyllis realised working in a 1:1 capacity is beneficial but perpetuates siloed and fragmented approach to mental health and wellbeing.

GROW - Parenting

GROW – Parenting provides parents with the knowledge, support, and resources to attune to, settle and calm their children; improve capacity for connection, concentration and learning. This program includes psychoeducation on the latest educational neuroscience, frameworks, and supportive tools that help reduce anxiety, depression, and build happy, healthy resilient children.

GROW - Your Organization

This Masterclass, showcasing our unique ecological approach, has been designed to help leaders, managers, supervisors facilitate optimal growth, health and wellbeing within staff. This approach supports a much-needed paradigm shift as it maps how to move from autonomous and siloed ways of practising and look toward fostering an all-encompassing sustainable way forward.

Somatic Experiencing Professional Training Program

Restoring Resilience is thrilled to announce that it will be commencing SE Trainings as of October 2025. Make sure you secure your place now by filling in your application on the website.

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