GROW – Emotion Regulation Tool Kit



This kit supports children to identify emotions and sensations building Interoception and awareness.

The kit improves children’s capacity to focus, learn and regulate by providing strategies and somatic interventions to de-escalate challenging and difficult behaviours.

The Kit:

  • Early childhood practitioners can support children to find words to describe how they are feeling, by directing them to the ‘Restoring Resilience Emotion Regulation Chart’. This is a large A0 sized wall chart, placed in early childhood settings, that supports children to select an image that helps them locate how they are feeling in the moment.
  • This supports the opportunity to discuss what might be creating these feelings.
  • Once they identify their emotions, use the ‘Restoring Resilience Sensation Cards’ to help them workout how they are feeling in their body. Once the sensations are identified, you can use the interventions from this program to help settle and ground them. The interventions are designed to be easily accessible as they are placed near the Wall Chart.

Inside the Kit:

  • 1 x Restoring Resilience Emotion Regulation Chart – A0 size
  • 1 x Somatic Intervention Charts x 3 – A3 size
  • 1 x Restoring Resilience Sensation Cards – A6 size
  • 1 x Gingerbread Notepad – A4 size
  • 1 x Welcome Chart – A3 size

These items are available for purchase separately

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