Restoring Resilience
Aims to Teach & Empower Individuals & Communities

To Treat & Resolve Stress, Overwhelm & Trauma


Our aim is for people to feel safe and connected by creating a world where they feel understood and valued.


Restoring Resilience intends on achieving this via a suite of training programs that empower counsellors, mental health practitioners; organisational team leaders and managers; teachers, parents, families and communities.


The programs are underpinned by a neuroscientific map, the Polyvagal Theory, and incorporates a combination of Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt Therapy interventions. The programs are interactive, theoretical, incorporate experiential exercises, self-inquiry, case studies and interventions.

The Training Program

Our Working with Kids programs are designed for practitioners and parents to help build a  strengthened bond with kids and youth that supports healing, growth and resilience; to increase practitioner understanding and provide effective powerful interventions for working with varied behaviours and presentations.

Our Reflective Practice and Supervision programs are designed to support practitioners in  both their professional and personal development. The programs are designed to support practitioners to track their own nervous system, to learn to work from a place of regulation and embodiment, skills essential in protecting practitioners from vicarious trauma/ burnout. Sessions teach practitioners the importance of self care, maintaining healthy boundaries and achieving great client outcomes.

  • “Working with kids” for Practitioners
  • “Working with Teens” for Parents
  • “Reflective Practice & Self Care Workshop” for Practitioners
  • “Restoring Resilience” within in Teams

Here are just a few testimonials from parents of our recent courses delivered

“Emotion coaching does work. When as a parent I took the time to emotion coach, the children were calmer. I will continue to use it and would like a follow up in about a year’s time.”  


August 2018

“Brilliant program. I am calmer, they are calmer. Learning to keep myself in check and contribute to the behaviours.“


October 2018

“Definitely my relationship with my children has improved due to the emotion coaching techniques I have learnt.”


August 2018

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