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GROW – Working With Kids

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This Program is designed for :

Educators and Schools
Practitioners and Therapists

This workshop will support practitioners working with kids to learn how to read physiological states underpinning challenging and difficult child behaviours via a nervous system lens.

Help children regulate their emotions via using a neuroscientific framework, incorporating trauma informed somatic experiencing, the polyvagal theory and gestalt therapy interventions.

  • Learn how to integrate a menu of interventions that de-escalate challenging and difficult behaviors
  • Regulate and sooth children, ultimately supporting better connection, health and happiness
  • Helping reduce the impact of adversity, toxic stress, overwhelm and trauma in children
  • Improve children’s capacity to focus, learn and regulate
  • To collaborate with schools and roll out the three pillars of trauma informed care in early childhood educational settings
  • To implement a multi – prong approach where practitioners working with kids, kids and families are addressing and responding to challenging childhood behaviours via a shared trauma informed lens
  • Introducing the Grow Emotion Regulation Tool Kit for practitioners working with kids , practitioners, therapists and counsellors.

Working with Kids

  • 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • 22 April, 2022 (22-04-2022)

Cost: $199


Dates 2022: 9:00am - 12:00pm

July 01 | September 30

All courses are conducted
on Melb. AU Time Zone

  • AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time - Ends 3 April, 2022
  • AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time - Starts 2 Oct, 2022

Current Time – Melbourne – AU

: :

This Program is designed for

  • Youth Workers
  • Youth & Family Counsellors
  • Practitioners working with kids – from Kindergarten to University
  • Social workers
  • Police Officers
  • Case Managers
  • Local Council Early Years & Youth Departments
  • Playgroup Practitioners
  • Maternal Child Healthcare Nurses
  • Local Council Youth Centres
  • Foster Care Families
  • Childcare workers & Kindergarten Practitioners

“I think when you have a better understanding of what is happening inside our bodies it is easier to respond to challenging behaviour. “

Jacqui - 12-08-21
Yerambooee Kindergarten
GROW – Working With Kids

“Great Team combination. Very engaging and worked well together.” What did you like best about this workshop? “The delivery of in-depth concepts were delivered with simplicity that in could relate to”  

Joanne - 12-08-2021
Wyndham City Council
GROW – Working With Kids

Thank you for a wonderful session!!! Anna, I sat in on your session at this years Wyndham Educators Matter Conference; Intergenerational Trauma and I loved listening to you and I remember when you briefly touched on Polyvagal Theory and I was instantly curious so thank you both for a great session today as you re-inspired my interest and I feel better equipped now to understand the approach and be able

Cassandra - 13-08-2021
Wyndham City Council
GROW – Working With Kids

I have previously attended a PD with Phyllis, and this presentation expanded from the previous PD, really cementing my previous knowledge on this topic. Phyllis and Anna both provided information that was easy to follow, and used examples of what this could look like in practice. The way the content was organised and easily understandable. The way it was shown how it can be used in practice, and the speed

Jacqueline - 13-08-2021
Wyndham City Council
GROW – Working With Kids

“Thank you for an amazing workshop”

Kate - Nov, 2018
Neami National PIR
GROW – Working With Kids

“Really enjoyed the session, excellent, engaging and captivating content. Really well presented and fun. Thank you”

Lucia - Nov, 2018
Youth Counsellor / Psychologist
GROW – Working With Kids

“Thank you for the session. I have tried a few things, and as a result and they worked.”

Linda - Oct, 2018
GROW – Working With Kids
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