Tuning Into Teens

For Parents


This Program is Designed for Parents

The tuning into teens program was developed by Melbourne University and is an evidence based parenting workshop.

My passion for working with teen and family challenges over the years has led to action. My hope is that this course will increase understanding and bring harmony within families. Receive real support to deal with the pain and difficulty of managing your teen’s emotions.

This course aims to support parents by means of psychoeducation on developmental theory, age and stage appropriate markers for teen behaviour, the neuroscience behind difficult teen behaviours such as defiance, dismissiveness, isolation, rejection and criticism of parents.

We explore varying parental responses such as anger, sadness, grief, rejection and frustration. We explore varying parenting styles and work on their own responses to teen behaviour. Helping acrimonious divorced parents, the blended family such as step-parents and step siblings understand how a teen’s behaviour. Helping parents, couples with teens expressing suicidal ideation, self-harm and isolation what this can often linked to and how to respond. This has been producing incredible results with family harmony, reduction in difficult teen presentations and families re-connecting in novel ways.

As a TAFE industry trainer for over 30 years, and a family and teen psychotherapist, I delivered 10 parenting programs to 100 parents over the past few years with proven results. Evaluations rated the course out of 5 resulting in a 4.8/5 satisfaction score. Feel free to read parent testimonies overleaf. Places are limited so please give me a call if you would like further information about the program or to book your place.

  • Learn how to use a potent psychobiological approach toward understanding and modifying your child’s behaviour.
  • This program provides psychoeducation regarding age and stage appropriate child/teens behaviours; it identifies 4 differing parenting styles and the impact of those on children/ teens and helps parents develop the skill of emotion coaching. The program incorporates a group process format that provides parents with support, validation of their experience and information that participants have attested to as invaluable.
  • Emotional intelligence supports kids to have more awareness, assertiveness and to be strong in challenging situations.
  • Trauma proof your kids so they are less prone to emotional dis-regulation, mental health issues and substance abuse.
  • 2 hour a week course that runs for 6 weeks
  • Morning or Evening Courses
  • Guaranteed small group size for personalized training
  • The day will be filled with theory, experiential learning that is applicable to your family life
  • Session notes each week to support your learning.

If ever there’s a time for parents to get support with their teens, it’s now. After a year of online learning and dealing with the stress of COVID-19.


Restoring Resilience aims to teach and empower parents/caretakers to treat and resolve childhood, youth stress, overwhelm and trauma.

Our training programs are designed for parents/caretakers to build a strengthened their bond with kids and youth, to support healing, growth and resilience; to provide powerful interventions to settle challenging and dis-regulated behaviour.


Thursday AM: 10-12pm AEST
April 29
May 6, 13, 20, 27
June 3

Tuesday PM: 6-8pm AEST – SOLD OUT
April 27
May 4, 11, 18, 25,
Jun 1


Thursday AM: 10-12pm AEST
July 22, 29
Aug 5, 12, 19, 26

Tuesday PM: 6-8pm AEST
July 20, 27
Aug 3, 10, 17, 24


Thursday AM: 10-12pm AEDT
Oct 14, 21, 28
Nov 18, 25
Dec 2

Tuesday PM: 6-8pm AEDT
Oct. 12, 19, 26
Nov 16, 23, 30

All courses are conducted
on Melb. Aust Time Zone

AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time - Ends 4 April, 2021

AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time - Starts 3 Oct, 2021

Melbourne - Australia - Current Time

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“I have gained so much insight and skills from the Tuning into Teens Course. It has given me a greater understanding into how teenagers think and communicate as well as how to parent and communicate more mindfully so as to foster strong relationships where my children can feel heard and free to express and explore their own emotions. My only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to do this course sooner. Phyllis is a caring and gifted presenter who has a genuine concern for those she coaches. I have learnt so much from her.”


June 2020

“I took Phyllis’ course with my girls being 9 & 6 years old, and although its specific to teenagers, I have found it easy to implement with my kids from now. Phyllis was able to workshop and guide us on our personal communication styles, and it was great hearing other parent’s examples too. The course was very practical and a safe space to share, and I definitely had a couple of ‘aha’ moments!”


June 2020

“Our teens seem to have modified their behaviours for a more peaceful household which is a result of our new knowledge and skills.”


May 2019

“I learnt that we are not alone with the challenges and struggles of raising teens. I learnt that I have the ability to address issues with improved skills.“


March 2019

“Great to see that I am not the only one going through this. Great course and great handouts.”


November 2019

“Thank you for presenting this amazing course. It is one of the best things I’ve done. Can’t thank you enough. Phyllis, you are beautiful making this such a positive experience.”


September 2019

“Dear Phyllis, there are no words to thank you. I have learnt so much, not only about myself but why behaviours occur. It has been a teary (on occasion) but very positive experience. I really love your delivery and acceptance of all of us. Thank you so very much. “


June 2019

“The weekly exercises were terrific to do with my teens each week. It really helped us create a connection.”


October 2018

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