Thank you for a wonderful session!!!

Anna, I sat in on your session at this years Wyndham Educators Matter Conference; Intergenerational Trauma and I loved listening to you and I remember when you briefly touched on Polyvagal Theory and I was instantly curious so thank you both for a great session today as you re-inspired my interest and I feel better equipped now to understand the approach and be able to implement with the services I lead at.

It flowed really well, supports our everyday practice, was easy to understand and very engaging. Both Anna and Phyllis are brilliant facilitators with a wealth of passion and knowledge. I got so much out of this PD and many, many take away’s for my team and services that I work in!!

The practical strategies and ideas that can be used in service delivery and the program with children. The information I received around neuro-science in a more simplified way using diagrams and visuals that I know I can support staff with their understanding and ability to support each child’s regulation in the Kindergarten.

What did you like least about the workshop? NOTHING!! It was all amazing!! Truly! I feel it is valuable learning for any educator especially during these times with the pandemic and the stress it causes many families and community members.

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