I have previously attended a PD with Phyllis, and this presentation expanded from the previous PD, really cementing my previous knowledge on this topic. Phyllis and Anna both provided information that was easy to follow, and used examples of what this could look like in practice.

The way the content was organised and easily understandable. The way it was shown how it can be used in practice, and the speed at which it was delivered.

It wasn’t rushed, and the presenters gave time to answer questions.

I would recommend it to all early childhood educators, as it depends on each person how an event affects them. If ECE had this understanding of how to assist children, and themselves in elevated situations, or what to look for, it could reduce the impact of the trauma/event on the child, the class as a whole, the family and on the educator. It would assist children to feel  safer faster, being in an environment with ECE’s that have the knowledge on how to assist them and what to look for.

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