Reflective Practice

For Practitioners

Reflective Practice is essential to protecting workers from stress, overwhelm, trauma and compassion fatigue. As practitioners we are called to work in the field of caretaking/helping and for many of us this unconscious decision is based on an exquisite skill and capacity to track and care of the other. This usually speaks to a history that necessitated the child to take care of a parent/caretaker – this is the story of “The Drama of the Gifted Child”.  As practitioners we require a framework that supports us to recognise how we at times “abandon” our own needs to care for others. It is in this unconscious attachment patterning that practitioners and clients are most at risk.

Explore and identify core motivating themes showing up in your practice. Learn ways to reflect, track and attune to what is happening in relationship to your work. Learn ways to support an embodied selfcare practice and identify ways to nurture and nourish yourself as you work in individual, agency or team environments.

We have a Duty of Care to our clients and ourselves to ensure we are working from a place of health, choice and awareness. Reflective Practice ensures we are aware, skilled and supported to work with projection, transference and counter- transference.

Reflective practice groups are designed to provide a safe space to debrief and attain support in the areas of self-reflection in relation to client work. 


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Groups Include:

  • Reflective Practice
  • Tracking our own nervous system and learning to self regulate- Embodied Advocacy
  • The importance of self care
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Joining our clients where they are at rather than merging
  • The group is facilitated by Anna Skolarikis, an experienced educator that is a Youth Counsellors, Family Therapist, Gestalt Therapy & Somatic Psychotherapists, and Counselling Supervisor

This training is most helpful for:


  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Youth Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Case Managers
  • Management Staff
  • Team Leaders
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • NDIS Providers
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“Great to see that I am not the only one going through this. Great course and great handouts.”


November 2019

“Thank you for presenting this amazing course. It is one of the best things I’ve done. Can’t thank you enough. Phyllis, you are beautiful making this such a positive experience.”


September 2019

“Our teens seem to have modified their behaviours for a more peaceful household which is a result of our new knowledge and skills.”


May 2019

“I learnt that we are not alone with the challenges and struggles of raising teens. I learnt that I have the ability to address issues with improved skills.“


March 2019

About This Course

Group reflective practice: 3 hours

Guaranteed small group size for personalized training

The workshop will be filled with theory, self inquiry, experiential learning that supports both professional and personal development.

Participants will be invited to join our exclusive Restoring Resilience group supervision and online Facebook support groups.

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