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A Trauma Informed Approach to Support Connection with your kids. A Guide to Building Happy, Healthy, Resilient Kids.

Restoring Resilience Parenting Workshop provides parents with the knowledge, support, and resources to attune to, settle and calm their kids; improve capacity for connection, concentration, and learning. This workshop includes psychoeducation on the latest educational neuroscience, frameworks, and supportive tools that help reduce anxiety, depression, and build happy, healthy resilient kids.

The Restoring Resilience ‘Parenting Workshop’ translates the complexity of neuroscience and stress physiology, making it accessible to children as young as three, equipping parents, children and families with the latest information and cutting-edge somatic skills to reduce child distress and difficult behaviours. We will introduce our unique, innovative RR ‘Emotion Regulation Tool Kit’. Together, these resources are designed to provide parents with skills and interventions that are transferable at all developmental stages of life.

Cost: $99 – 20 Participants – Online Via Zoom

When: 1st October, 2021 – 9:00am – 11:30am

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Restoring Resilience Parenting Workshop

This workshop will:

  • Empower parents with effective interventions to support co-regulation and connection, which supports the settling within their kids
  • Learn the Importance of Emotion Regulation
  • Neuroscientific Map to Understanding Child behavior
  • Polyvagal Theory – Stephen Porges
  • Physiological and behavioral markers of stress and overwhelm in your child
  • Interventions to de-escalate and settle states of stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Learn the use of the Restoring Resilience Parenting Emotion Regulation Chart For Kids 3-10 yrs. Can be used for older kids on the spectrum.
  • Somatic Interventions to Support Safety, Attachment and Connection
  • Learn powerful strategies to de-escalate challenging and tricky behaviour

This parenting workshop is an invaluable resource to support parents and kids become happy, healthy, and connected throughout childhood development.

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Please Note: All courses are conducted on Melbourne Australia Time Zone

  • AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time - Ends 4 April, 2021
  • AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time - Starts 3 Oct, 2021
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