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Restoring Resilience

Somatic Synergy

Somatic Synergy

Somatic Synergy Moniquea Spiteri - Somatic Synergy It was my pleasure to speak with my friend and colleague - Phyllis Traficante - on my latest episode of of Transcending Trauma, here is a little snippet of the full interview that you can listen to here, or across all...

Tuning Into Teens – Term 1

Tuning Into Teens – Term 1

Tuning Into TeensParents - Learn to reduce your teens stress and support good mental health with effective and powerful interventions. About this Event Build a strengthened bond with your teen that supports healing, growth and resilience. We are so excited about this...


“Great to see that I am not the only one going through this. Great course and great handouts.”


November 2019

“Thank you for presenting this amazing course. It is one of the best things I’ve done. Can’t thank you enough. Phyllis, you are beautiful making this such a positive experience.”


September 2019

“Our teens seem to have modified their behaviours for a more peaceful household which is a result of our new knowledge and skills.”


May 2019

“I learnt that we are not alone with the challenges and struggles of raising teens. I learnt that I have the ability to address issues with improved skills.“


March 2019

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