Group Supervision


Support, confidentiality, personal and professional growth, tangible interventions for varying client presentations, increase self-awareness, connection with peers and build your network.

Group supervision is designed to provide a safe space for counsellors to debrief and attain support. Attain support in the area of case presentations and formulations, professional and personal developmental growth in relation to client work. Supervision in groups provides an opportunity for supervisees to experience mutual support, share common experiences, solve complex tasks, learn new behaviours, participate in skills training, increase interpersonal competencies, and increase insight. Collaborative learning is a pivotal benefit, with the supervisees having opportunities to be exposed to a variety of cases, interventions, and approaches to problem solving in the group. Hearing the success and the frustrations of colleagues gives the supervisee a more realistic model by which they can critique themselves and build confidence.

My passion for working in group supervision emerged from years of counselling supervision experience both as supervisor and participant. I have condensed the best approaches from eight group supervisors to create this social group supervision model.

After three sessions the group will become a closed group.

The group will be facilitated by a teen/family therapist, gestalt therapist, somatic psychotherapist and assistant to the training and experienced counselling supervisor.

CPD Endorsement

Group Supervision for Counsellors

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