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Tuning Into Teens

The tuning into teens program was developed by Melbourne University and is an evidence based parenting workshop.

My passion for working with teen and family challenges over the years has led to action. My hope is that this course will increase understanding and bring harmony within families. Receive real support to deal with the pain and difficulty of managing your teen’s emotions.

This course aims to support parents by means of psychoeducation on developmental theory, age and stage appropriate markers for teen behaviour, the neuroscience behind difficult teen behaviours such as defiance, dismissiveness, isolation, rejection and criticism of parents.

We explore varying your child's emotional expressions of anger, sadness, grief, rejection and frustration. We explore varying parenting styles and work on their own responses to teen behaviour. Helping acrimonious divorced parents, the blended family such as step-parents and step siblings understand how a teen’s behaviour. Helping parents, couples with teens expressing suicidal ideation, self-harm and isolation what this can often linked to and how to respond. This has been producing incredible results with family harmony, reduction in difficult teen presentations and families re-connecting in novel ways.

Cost: $330

TERM 2, 2022

 Tuesday PM: 6-8pm AEDT

May 03 | 10 | 17 | 24 | 31
Jun 07

Thursday AM: 10-12pm AEDT

May 05 | 12 | 19 | 26 
Jun 09 | 16

Tuning Into Kids

Tuning in to Kids® is an emotion-focussed parenting program. It provides parents and carers with skills in emotion coaching, which is about recognising, understanding and managing their own and their children's emotions. When children develop these emotional skills they are better able to negotiate the ups and downs of life.  Tuning into kids focuses on the emotional connection between parents / carers and their children, aged 4-10 years.

The evidence-based program has proven success in improving parenting, parent-child relationships, and children's emotional resilience. Most importantly, it is an 'evidence-based' program which means that randomised controlled research trials have shown that it makes a difference to parents and children. To date over 100,000 parents have attended Tuning into Kids® programs in Australia alone.

Cost: $330

TERM 2, 2022


  • May 05 | 12 | 19 | 26
    Jun 02 | 09

Parenting Program Workshop

A Trauma Informed Approach to support Connection with your kids. A Guide to building happy, healthy, resilient kids.

Restoring Resilience Parenting Workshop provides parents with the knowledge, support, and resources to attune to, settle and calm their kids; improve capacity for connection, concentration and learning. This workshop includes psychoeducation on the latest educational neuroscience, frameworks, and supportive tools that help reduce anxiety, depression, and build happy, healthy resilient kids.

The Restoring Resilience ‘Parenting Workshop’ translates the complexity of neuroscience and stress physiology, making it accessible to children as young as three, equipping parents, children and families with the latest information and cutting-edge somatic skills to reduce child distress and difficult behaviours. We will introduce our unique, innovative RR ‘Emotion Regulation Tool Kit’. Together, these resources are designed to provide parents with skills and interventions that are transferable at all developmental stages of life.

Cost: $99 - 20 Participants - Online Via Zoom

When: 24 March, 2022 - 9:00am - 11:30am


More 2022 Dates: 9:00am - 11:30am

June 16 | September 01 | November 24

GROW – Working With Kids – for Schools

This workshop will support practitioners working with kids to learn how to read physiological states underpinning challenging and difficult child behaviours via a nervous system lens.

Help children regulate their emotions via using a neuroscientific framework, incorporating trauma informed somatic experiencing, the polyvagal theory and gestalt therapy interventions.

  • Learn how to integrate a menu of interventions that de-escalate challenging and difficult behaviors
  • Regulate and sooth children, ultimately supporting better connection, health and happiness
  • Helping reduce the impact of adversity, toxic stress, overwhelm and trauma in children
  • Improve children’s capacity to focus, learn and regulate
  • To collaborate with schools and roll out the three pillars of trauma informed care in early childhood educational settings
  • To implement a multi – prong approach where practitioners working with kids, kids and families are addressing and responding to challenging childhood behaviours via a shared trauma informed lens
  • Introducing the Grow Emotion Regulation Tool Kit for practitioners working with kids , practitioners, therapists and counsellors.

Working with Kids

  • 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • 22 April, 2022 (22-04-2022)

Cost: $199


Dates 2022: 9:00am - 12:00pm

July 01 | September 30

Working with Generational Trauma – For Schools

Trauma is not in the biography of our ancestry but lives on in the here and now in the physiology and behaviour of our children, families and communities. We have an opportunity to support much needed healing by restoring primary and extended connections within cultures and families.

We will explore how relationships and connections have the potential to transform and heal lineages where ancestors have survived the horrors of war, genocide, colonisation, racism, displacement and migration.

  1. Generational impact of trauma
  2. Relational Brain
  3. Attachment, safety and connection
  4. Physiological trauma presentations in kids
  5. Awareness is key and connection sets you free



Masterclass – for Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders

This Masterclass, showcasing our unique ecological approach, has been designed to help leaders, managers and supervisors facilitate optimal growth, health and wellbeing within staff.

This approach supports a much-needed paradigm shift as it maps how to move from autonomous and siloed ways of practising and look toward fostering an all-encompassing, relational, interdependent and sustainable way forward.

This Workshop Will Support Leaders, Managers And Supervisors With:

  • Introducing ecological systems theory into organisational settings.
  • Assisting staff with mental health and wellbeing from a psychobiological lens
  • Learning to notice and track somatic signs of stress and overwhelm, to reduce and prevent burnout.
  • Developing Healthy Boundaries - differentiate between states of joining, merging and avoiding, for optimal mental health and well being.
  • The illusion of separateness and the importance of understanding how to harness the power of relational neurobiology.
  • Supporting staff to practice from a place of health, wellbeing and sustainability.
  • Developing organisational ecological systems that nourish and support staff when working with crisis and reduce stress and overwhelm.

Dates: TBA

Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice is essential to protecting workers from stress, overwhelm, trauma and compassion fatigue. As practitioners we are called to work in the field of caretaking/helping and for many of us this unconscious decision is based on an exquisite skill and capacity to track and care of the other. This usually speaks to a history that necessitated the child to take care of a parent/caretaker – this is the story of “The Drama of the Gifted Child”.  As practitioners we require a framework that supports us to recognise how we at times “abandon” our own needs to care for others. It is in this unconscious attachment patterning that practitioners and clients are most at risk.

Explore and identify core motivating themes showing up in your practice. Learn ways to reflect, track and attune to what is happening in relationship to your work. Learn ways to support an embodied selfcare practice and identify ways to nurture and nourish yourself as you work in individual, agency or team environments.

We have a Duty of Care to our clients and ourselves to ensure we are working from a place of health, choice and awareness. Reflective Practice ensures we are aware, skilled and supported to work with projection, transference and counter- transference.

Reflective practice groups are designed to provide a safe space to debrief and attain support in the areas of self-reflection in relation to client work. 


Self Care Workshop

The Self Care Workshop is designed to inform, empower and protect individuals from stress, overwhelm, compassion fatigue and burnout.

This workshop will:

  • Explore what self-care actually means and how we go about doing that.
  • Identify the interdependent ways that support working from a place of regulation and sustainability.
  • The workshop will assist individuals to incorporate a neurobiological framework to help them notice and track their own nervous system to ensure they are working within a window of presence and health.
  • The workshop will support individuals to explore boundaries and ways in which to support and protect themselves from vicarious trauma and burnout.
  • Look at Somatic strategies to support “bottom up” and top down regulation processes.
  • Conceptual Framework to successfully move through the cycles of activation and into states of agency, satisfaction and integration.

Many passionate, well-intentioned and highly skilled and intelligent individuals slowly and sadly burnout.

Many have lost hope, direction and agency especially in the face of COVID - 19.

This is not a reflection of their capacity or desire - but the result of not understanding how stress affects not just our minds but also our bodies.


Dates: 9th March, 2022 - 9:00am - 11:00am

Trauma Informed Approach to

Supporting Better Mental Health

Supporting self-care practices for frontline workers during one of the most challenging times in our lives.

This workshop ensures therapists, practitioners and frontline workers are working from a place of health well-being and sustainability.

It provides frameworks to ensure that you are tracking and noticing markers of mental health and well-being, prioritising self-care practices and boundaries to prevent burnout and stress and overwhelm. It also assists teams to contract on ways to support one another in times of stress and dysregulation.

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