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Learn More about our Co-Founders – Phyllis Traficante & Anna Skolarikis.

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Phyllis Traficante

Phyllis Traficante

Co-Founder of Restoring Resilience


Hello! I’m Phyllis

I am the co-founder of Restoring Resilience, a psychotherapist, gestalt therapist, somatic experiencing practitioner, counselling supervisor and trainer.

I love what I do because I get to watch parents and youth professionals transform the way they interpret difficult youth behaviour and in turn respond in ways that directly lead to an increase in families bonding, youth healing and growth.

My work in the industry over the years has involved teaching, counselling, supervising counsellors, running parenting courses, developing workshops, all the while focusing on counselling children, youth and families in the hope to build supportive, connected families. I am fascinated by how the energy within a child shifts as they start to feel safer externally then internally. With this there’s growth, healing, and connection to a sense of aliveness which supports an increase in capacity to venture into the world with a heightened sense of resilience and confidence.

My Approach & Values

I am co-author of the suite of Restoring Resilience workshops for child and youth practitioners and parents. I am passionate about helping kids (people)  live a life where they feel understood and accepted in their experience, safe and connected so that they can grow to their full potential.

My aim is to resolve child and youth stress, overwhelm and trauma. My mission is to empower you with the knowledge and effective powerful interventions to help youth feel understood, safe, and connected. For you to build a strengthened bond with kids and youth that supports healing, growth, and resilience. I am so excited about our programs. The results so far have been outstanding.

Come join us on this journey. You will not regret it.

Private Practice

218 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn, Vic, 3103

Call to make an appointment on 0412 306 965

My Experience

  • Psychotherapist –Private Practice; Camcare
  • Senior Wellbeing Counsellor and Counselling Supervisor – Private Practice; Camcare
  • Generalist counsellor specializing in youth and family counselling – Private Practice; Camcare
  • Counselling Educator – ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology)
  • Community Mental Health – Neami PIR, Mind, VAC, Camcare, 360 Youth Resource Centre
  • Turning In To Teens Parenting Group Facilitator and Co-ordinator – Restoring Resilience; Camcare; Private Practice
  • Somatic Experiencing – national and international training program assistant – SE Australia
  • Parenting and Youth Professional Forum Presenter – City of Boroondara Youth Services; Wyndham City Council Early Years Department
  • Therapeutic Specialist – NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
  • Workshop developer and facilitator – Camcare; Private Practice; Restoring Resilience


My Education

  • Master of Counselling – LaTrobe University
  • Advanced Diploma of Gestalt Therapy – Gestalt Therapy Australia
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner – Somatic Experiencing Australia
Anna Skolarikis

Anna Skolarikis

Co-Founder of Restoring Resilience


Hello! I’m Anna

I am the co-founder of Restoring Resilience, a gestalt-trained psychotherapist, a Somatic Experience Practitioner, Clinical Supervisor and trainer/facilitator. I am in private practice 3 days a week and work one day a week as a Clinical Supervisor with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency.

Restoring Resilience Workshops have emerged from a practice that is fuelled by passion, determination and belief that all healing is innate. Our bodies are hardwired not only to survive but to thrive post events that are stressful, overwhelming and traumatic.

Having worked in mental health, disability, residential care, AOD, Domestic Violence and trauma for the last 10 years I have witnessed despite the best of intentions from most organisations, practitioners, families, and carers, they are not immune to the impact of trauma.

My Approach & Values

Unfortunately, many passionate, well-intentioned, and skilled practitioners slowly and sadly burnout, many parents, families and carers have lost hope, direction and agency. This is not a reflection of their love, their capacity and/or desire but the result of not understanding how stress affects our bodies not just our minds.

As a result, I have co-designed a suite of workshops that are geared to inform, empower, and protect practitioners, therapists, social workers, teachers, case managers, team leaders, parents, carers who are working or living with stress, overwhelm and trauma.

The workshops are based on the latest neuroscientific framework – Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges, combined with relational gestalt theory and somatic interventions (bottom up processing). Workshops are engaging, dynamic and potent in changing people’s lives and facilitating transformational healing.

My Experience

  • Psychotherapist – Private Practice
  • Clinical Supervisor – Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
  • Somatic Experience Practitioner
  • Somatic Experience Assistant
  • Family Violence Team Leader – Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
  • Therapeutic Support (specialist in trauma) – National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Support Co-ordinator/Facilitator – Partners In Recovery – Neami National

Residential Care – Mind Australia

My Education

  • Somatic Experience Practitioner
  • Gestalt Therapy Australia
  • Australia College of Applied Psychology
  • Eye of the Needle Training (1) – Peter Levine United States

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Our aim is for people to feel safe and connected by creating a world where they feel understood and valued.

therapist 04


Restoring Resilience intends on achieving this via a suite of training programs that empower counsellors, mental health practitioners; organisational team leaders and managers; teachers, parents, families and communities.

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The programs are underpinned by a neuroscientific map, the Polyvagal Theory, and incorporates a combination of Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt Therapy interventions. The programs are interactive, theoretical, incorporate experiential exercises, self-inquiry, case studies and interventions.

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