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Restoring Resilience GROW Program comprises the Working with Kids Workshop and the Emotion Regulation Tool Kit.

Restoring Resilience Trauma Informed Systemic Approach to Supporting Better Mental Health and Wellbeing for Children, Educators, Families, and Community.

Restoring Resilience believes that for any child to thrive, an ecological perspective is necessary, that the child cannot be viewed as separate to its family, culture, schools, and community. The child’s health and wellbeing are inextricably interdependent on the quality of relationships between educators/schools, parents, and families.

The program will support educators to work from an educational neuroscientific framework. Educators and children as young as three will be able to identify emotional and stress physiological states, develop skills for interoception and recognise how different emotional states affects their brains, body, and behaviour, all fundamental to supporting regulation, connection, and resilience.

The training program has been adapted and made available to parents and families. Restoring Resilience takes a systemic approach ensuring that parents, educators, and community settings are using the same neuroscientific framework. This provides congruency for the child as they are being attuned to and responded to with consistency and predictability.

The ‘Grow Emotion Regulation Tool Kit’ is a neuroscientific resource that comprises an ‘Emotion Regulation Chart’, ‘Sensation cards’, ‘Gingerbread pad’, and a menu of ‘Somatic interventions’ that de-escalates stress physiological states of fight, flight, freeze. The training and resources combined are a potent tool to support deactivation and restore autonomic nervous system regulation.

The training supports a reduction in childhood distress, anxiety, combative and disruptive behaviours, and a marked improvement in children’s capacity for emotion regulation, social connection, learning, health, and wellbeing.

Stay Tuned for upcoming self-paced recorded workshops.

Restoring Resilience has partnered with the City of Wyndham and applying trauma the Grow Program across 24 Kindergartens.

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