Tuning into Teens | Kids

 Watch Phyllis Traficante and Carmen discussing the benefits of our Tuning into Teens and Tuning into Kids programs.

Hear about how the program runs for 2 hours per week, for 6 consecutive weeks. The group numbers are capped at an intimate 8 for privacy and confidentiality. Parents reflect that they felt e free to chose to discuss as much or a little as they pleased; that the program is inclusive and equips parents with the necessary tools to build better relationships with their teens/ kids. They learnt to de-escalate arguments between siblings, address feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety. They became aware of their parenting styles and learnt about how teens and kids process problems. They learnt how to deal with teens and kids emotions and behaviours. 

Feel free to join us as there are evening and morning sessions available all year round.
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