Brain-Changing Strategies

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Our work in developing a high school program has become highly acclaimed as quoted within it this newly released book.

Stop trauma in its tracks, address disruptive behaviors, and create a safe and thriving environment with a neuroscience-backed approach to running your classroom.


More than 32 million children in the US have experienced at least one type of trauma. While some are obvious, like poverty, abuse, or migration, other experiences that may be invisible or “no big deal” to adults can elicit trauma responses in kids. Under these conditions, their brains and bodies react differently than those of unaffected peers, causing anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression, shutting down, and acting out–behaviors that hinder academic success and disrupt the entire classroom.

When mental and emotional health are prioritized in the classroom as much as academic performance, everyone wins–and when you apply a trauma-informed lens to your teaching, you’ll facilitate positive outcomes for the entire class. Brain-Changing Strategies to Trauma-Proof our Schools gives you the tools to understand, identify, and address trauma-driven behaviors so students feel comfortable, supported, and safe at school–and you feel empowered and effective.

Brain Changing Strategies
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