Tuning Into Teens


Parents – Learn to reduce your teens stress and support good mental health with effective and powerful interventions.

About this Event

Build a strengthened bond with your teen that supports healing, growth and resilience. We are so excited about this program. The results so far have been outstanding.

Learn this great approach toward understanding and modifying your teen’s behaviour. This program provides psychoeducation regarding age and stage appropriate teen behaviour; it identifies 4 differing parenting styles and the impact of those on teens and helps parents develop the skill of emotion coaching. The program incorporates a group process format that provides parents with support, validation of their experience and information that participants have attested to as invaluable.

  • Emotional intelligence supports kids to have more awareness, assertiveness and to be strong in challenging situations.
  • Trauma proof your kids, so they are less prone to emotional disregulation, mental health issues and substance abuse.
  • The group is facilitated by a highly experienced educator that is a Youth Counsellor, Family Therapist and Supervisor.


PLEASE NOTE – This is a 2 hour weekly workshop that runs for 6 weeks.

  • Tuesday Morning Sessions –  10am-12pm
  • Thursday Evening Sessions – 6pm – 8pm
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